Red And Black Roulette Strategy

The Red And Black system is a relatively simple roulette strategy and a favourite of both newcomers and experienced players.

This is an excellent system for casual play, but isn’t much of a money-spinner. Great for having a bit of a laugh in the casino of an evening.

Video Tutorial

View this video for a tutorial on how to use the Red and Black system, or read below for an in-depth guide for implementing the strategy. All of our roulette tutorials are available on Youtube, so make sure you subscribe to our channel.

How To Use The Red And Black System

While the Red And Black system doesn’t have as much structure as some other roulette strategies, it’s basically a negative progression system. Here’s how you use the system:

  • First, you’ll need to pick how much you want your lowest wager to be. We’ll refer to this as 1 unit as it’ll be the lowest value wager you can place.
  • Keep betting 1 unit on either red or black until you lose twice in a row. When you lose twice in a row you’ll need to add another unit onto your bet, making it 2 units.
  • Keep playing until you either win twice in a row or lose twice in a row. When this happens you’ll need to change your bet again:
  • Win – Lower your bet by 1 unit.

    Lose – Raise your bet by 1 unit.

  • Continue raising your bet by 1 unit after two losses in a row and lowering your bet after two wins in a row. Once you’re back at your original bet, rinse and repeat from the beginning.

Here’s an example of how the Red And Black system works:

  • Place 1 unit and lose (-1).
  • Place 1 unit and lose (-2).
  • Place 2 units and win (0).
  • Place 2 units and win (2).
  • Place 1 unit and win (3).

As you can see, even after two losses followed by a win, you’re automatically back to where you started. The law of averages states that for every red there will be a black, meaning it’s quite likely for two blacks to occur after two reds and vice versa. This means that while you’re not likely to see huge profits, it’s also quite unlikely that you’ll see any major losses.


  • You’re unlikely to see large losses, if any.
  • Simple to understand and even easier to put into action.
  • Can be played casually as well as for profit.
  • Cons

  • You probably won’t make much of a profit using this system.
  • With a very unlucky streak, there’s the potential to end up out of pocket.

Try out the Red And Black system for free here!