Pluscoup Roulette Strategy

The Pluscoup system is widely regarded as the ‘beginner’s strategy’ due to its simplicity. However, like any other roulette strategy, you need to be careful when you’re placing your bets as there is a time and place for implementing this system.

This is a positive progression strategy, so you’ll be betting more when you’re on a winning streak whilst minimising losses when you’re on a losing streak. There are a few rules to bear in mind with this system:

  • Choose a wagering unit to start with. This can be any amount you like, however I recommend you keep it low as you’ll only be betting more than this.
  • When you win, add an extra unit to your previous bet.
  • When you lose, return to your initial wager of 1 unit.

Like I’ve already said, this is a fairly easy system to follow. The tricky part is knowing when to use it.

Video Tutorial

View this video for a tutorial on how to use the Pluscoup system, or read below for an in-depth guide for implementing the strategy. All of our roulette tutorials are available on Youtube, so make sure you subscribe to our channel.

How To Play Using The Pluscoup System

The idea of the Pluscoup system is to catch up on losses before you’re indebted to the table. You do this by placing larger wagers when you’re on a winning streak with the objective of breaking even, whilst placing a much smaller bet when losses come along so you don’t fall further into a loss. However, when you break even, you’ll also need to reduce your bet to 1 unit, regardless of whether you previously won or lost.

You have to decide for yourself where you’ll be placing bets. Since you want a winning streak, you’ll be better off placing outside bets rather than inside bets. Outside bets have larger chances of showing up, and while they may pay less, you’re looking at the long game.

Here’s an example of how the Pluscoup system works:

  • Place 1 unit and lose (-1).
  • Place 1 unit and lose (-2).
  • Place 1 unit and lose (-3).
  • Place 1 unit and win (-2).
  • Place 2 units and win (0).

At this point, you would return to your original bet, as you’ve just broken even and there’s no need to bet irrationally as you’ve recouped your losses.


  • Can help even the most inexperienced players catch up on their losses with minimal effort.
  • Quick and easy to learn and memorize.
  • Helps to keep losses to a minimum.
  • Cons

  • Won’t bring you large profits, or possibly any at all.
  • Can only realistically be used to recoup losses, not useful for getting wins.
  • Losing at the wrong time can leave you worse off than when you started.

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