Roulette Strategy: Learn to Play Smart

It’s never a good idea play without an action plan. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of roulette systems that will help you manage your bankroll effectively and maximize your chances of winning.

Learning to play roulette strategically is what separates average players from the pros. When playing a house-edge game like roulette, it’s essential to bet effectively to sustain winning streaks. Our roulette team have pooled their expertise, bringing you their thoughts on the most popular roulette systems.

Always remember that roulette is a game of chance. The following roulette systems cannot guarantee you wins, but they will help you to intelligently manage your bankroll so as to minimise losses and get the most out of your roulette experience.

The roulette strategies below have been cherry-picked by our team as the most effective systems available. Implement them in your game and make a killing at the wheel:

D’Alembert System
Dozens and Columns System
Fibonacci System
Guetting System
Hollandish System
Labouchere System
Law Of Thirds System
Lucky Number System
Martingale System
Oscars Grind System
Parlay System
Pluscoup System
Whittacker System

Nothing But The Best

We have spent hours reviewing dozens of roulette strategies, filtering out the weaker systems to provide you with this list of choice cuts, broken down and explained in a straightforward and accessible fashion.

We appreciate that you might not have the time to read through every roulette strategy listed above, so we’ve outlined the core principles of successful roulette systems below to save you wading through tons of information.

Positive And Negative Progression

Most roulette strategies are separated into two types: positive progressive systems and negative progressive systems. Don’t worry, they aren’t nearly as complicated as they sound!

A positive progressive system is when you bet more chips when you’re winning. The idea behind these systems is to bet more when you’re on a winning streak and minimise your losses if you hit a losing streak.

A negative progressive strategy is exactly the opposite; ergo, you to bet more when you’re losing. The logic here is that betting high after taking a battering allows you to rapidly recover your balance.

Knowing The Odds

Understanding inside and outside bets is the cornerstone of successfully deploying roulette strategies.

If you’ve been playing roulette for a while then you’ll know the pay-outs on all areas of the table. However it’s still worth mentioning as a lot of the strategies involve placing your bets on certain areas of the table. Most systems will split bets into two types: inside and outside.

Inside bets are all the individual numbers, from 0 to 36. Making an inside bet doesn’t necessarily mean you’re only betting on one number, but you can only place one bet on a maximum of six numbers with inside bets. These bets pay out well but have poor odds. Roulette systems that rely on inside bets reward patience and guts and are potentially very lucrative.

Outside bets are placed on grouped numbers, including odds and evens, blacks and reds etc. These bets have good odds but won’t net you nearly as much as the inside bets. A lot of strategies will use outside bets to ensure a consistent stream of cash.

Anything Else I’ll Need?

It’s always useful to have a pen and paper handy just in case you need to make some notes whilst playing. Some strategies are highly detailed and require you to remember a lot of information, so having a pen and paper will makes the whole process a lot easier on your brain.

We also recommend you keep a calculator nearby as quite a few of our strategies require you to do some basic maths, and if you’re playing a timed roulette game you’ll need to tot up quickly. Having a calculator will alleviate the stress of rapid arithmetic.

Finally, refer to a visible copy of the strategy you’re using. If you can quickly refer to the strategy to make sure you’re doing everything right then you’ll be able to play with confidence.

Check out our list of strategies on the right to read about individual systems in detail!