Play Online Roulette Safely and Responsibly

Play Safe Roulette

Online Roulette is at its Best When You Know it’s Safe

Playing roulette on the web is always great fun, but enjoying the best roulette experience demands a degree of caution.

It’s always useful to ask questions. How does this bonus work? Which casinos are trustworthy? How should I manage my bankroll?

Generally speaking, online casinos strive to provide as much relevant information as possible to players and it never hurts to understand payment methods, check terms and conditions and review withdrawal options before risking any cash. A little knowledge can go a long way.

Playing online roulette safely also means managing your bankroll responsibly and knowing when to quit. The wheels aren’t going anywhere and there will always be new opportunities to win.

What’s more, it’s important to watch out for untrustworthy casinos. The websites represented on are all legitimate casinos that provide an honest service, but not all sites are so trustworthy.

Below we have included a general list of tips. Follow this guide to ensure a safe, enjoyable online roulette experience every time.

Online Roulette Safety Tips

  • Terms and Conditions: Always check general terms and conditions before depositing any cash.
  • Bonus Terms and Conditions: Review the terms and conditions for bonuses and promotions extremely carefully. Unfortunately, some operators will make it near impossible to recover your money when you claim a bonus. This means that bonuses can sometimes hinder your chances of making it big.
  • Wagering Requirements Percentage: When claiming certain promotions (i.e. a match bonus) be aware that the percentage of cash that counts towards your wagering requirement will vary depending on the game you choose to play. For roulette, this percentage is usually quite low, generally around 10%. In this case, a £100 bet will count as £10 towards your wagering requirements for a given bonus.
  • Customer Support: Check the support options offered by online casinos. It’s all very well having a nice website and some great games, but some casinos are difficult to contact if you have any problems (particularly when it comes to recovering cash.) Most honest websites have well-staffed customer support teams, but it’s worth reading about the experiences of other users on gambling forums. Reputable casinos typically offer a live chat service, where you can type quick messages to an operator. See below:
  • Live chat

  • Proof of ID: Ask if you need to submit documents to prove your identity before you play. The answer should always be yes or maybe, as these documents are often required by law. Casinos who don’t request these documents are either lying or breaking globally applicable money laundering laws.
  • Marks of Legitimacy: Trustworthy operators will list information at the bottom of their homepage to indicate their legitimacy, such as the logos of regulatory bodies. These are the marks of a reputable website. See below:
  • Licencing Information
  • Licensing: Pay particular attention to licensing information. Licencees from certain locations are considered more legitimate. On the whole, you can safely stick to the following jurisdictions: anywhere in Europe, Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica and Kahnawake.
  • Software: Check if a website’s software is audited independently. This should be clearly displayed and signifies that a reliable third party has reviewed the casino’s games and ensured that the payout rates are fair and accurate.
  • Reviews: Read website reviews online; you can look at some excellent examples on this very website! It’s also worth exploring casinos’ social networks to get the buzz from other players.

Never Wager More Than You Can Afford to Lose

This is probably the most important rule for enjoying online gambling and can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Pace Yourself: Set yourself daily/weekly/monthly gambling limits and stick to them.
  • Cool Down Periods: Try to work in periods where you slow down your gambling and let your bank balance recover.
  • Casino Limits: Set maximum amounts you are willing to spend at casinos and close your account once you exceed this limit. Certain websites just might not be happening for you!
  • No-Deposit: No-deposit bonuses are a great way to test the water at a new casino without actually hazarding any cash. Check out some great no-deposit offers in our No-Deposit Bonuses section.

Rogue Casinos

A Few Bad Eggs are Determined to Spoil Online Roulette for Everyone

Occasionally, casinos go rogue, attempting to swindle players out of hard-earned cash or deny them their winnings.

At, we don’t stand for this and neither should you. That’s why we name and shame casinos who set out to ruin everybody’s fun with deceitful antics.

Here are a few examples of casinos that provide roulette games and are known to be outright dishonest. Many rogue casinos have been removed from the web, but these sites are still out there, so watch out.

All thanks to for helping us to identify these rogue sites. will endeavor to keep this list updated when casinos go rogue.

Atlantic Vegas Casino

This casino claims to have obtained its licence from Alderney, but a quick check of Alderny’s licencing page reveals that the site is unlisted. Definitely one to avoid.

Atlantic Banner

Rushmore Casino Group

Rushmore websites have suffered from a host of complaints; everything from ‘payment issues’ to player accounts being banned with no discernible provocation. What’s more, Rushmore’s licencing jurisdiction cannot be verified: always a bad sign.

Rushmore Banner

The Virtual Casino Group

The biggie. The Virtual Casino Group have become infamous on the web for a slew of issues, stemming from disorganised management and dodgy marketing tactics. Some reviewers have gone so far as to accuse the Virtual Casino Group of being a front for a scam designed to fleece unsuspecting players. We couldn’t possibly comment. All the same, if you see the Virtual Casino logo anywhere on a website, click away as fast as humanly possible.

Virtual Casino Banner

Exercise Caution at these Casinos

When Playing on These Sites, Tread Carefully

The casinos listed below are by no means rogue, but their reputations are somewhat patchy, with players reporting poor support services and banking issues.

Everyone makes mistakes and many of these websites are striving to improve, but you should approach these operators with caution.

Balzac Casino

Belzac have been accused of exploiting dirty tactics to deny players their winnings. One anonymous user on claimed that Belzac refused to pay out €70,000 in winnings, ignored his emailed complaints and ultimately cleared his entire balance – including a recent deposit.

Balzac Banner


A big name with some reputation issues. Betfair ran a promotion offering an unlimited happy hour bonus with only 10x playthrough. When it became apparent they were losing a fortune, the casino began locking accounts and confiscating winnings.

Betfair Banner

El Dorado Palace

Many disappointed players have suffered at the hands of El Dorado Palace, a casino known to confiscate player balances based on un-posted and constantly fluctuating terms and conditions. What’s more, customer service typically ignores player complaints.

El Dorado Banner

Orangegamez Casino

There’s a special circle of hell reserved for content editors who replace ‘s’ with ‘z’ at the end of words. A deeper tier still is set aside for operators who refuse to pay players or reply to complaint emails.

Orange Gamez Banner

Thebes Casino

Thebes are notoriously unresponsive to player complaints. Consequently, if you have any trouble claiming your winnings…well, that’s basically tough luck.

Thebes Banner

Wager21 Casinos (now Beating Bonuses)

This casino group utilise a seriously underhanded tactic. There are two basic options for roulette games: ‘play mode’ and ‘real – play for money.’ Incredibly, ‘play mode’ actually has the higher stakes. It’s a slimy trick to lure inexperienced players into wagering more cash than they can afford to lose. Not cool.

Beating Bonuses Banner

Play Well, Play Often and Play Safe!

When Played Safely, Online Roulette is Great Fun

Following these simple guidelines will allow you to navigate around the hazards posed by online play. Just bear our tips in mind and you can tuck into as much roulette as you like without fear of getting burned.
Remember, safe roulette is fun roulette!