Familiarise Yourself with Our Roulette Odds Table

Knowing your chances of winning in roulette and the pay-out you’ll receive from successful bets is imperative for strategic play.

There is actually a small difference between the odds of winning and the pay-out odds you receive; this is the ‘house advantage’, which is how the casino makes its money.

However this edge also helps to keep the maths simple. As you can see below, some of the odds have extremely awkward decimalisations; rounding them down allows the casino to keep its edge whilst making your life simple. The table below shows the odds of winning and the pay-out attached to each individual type of bet:

Different Tables = Different Odds

As you can see from the table, the odds in European and French roulette are better than their American counterpart.

You may think that having an extra 0.055 chance of winning on ‘even bets’ isn’t going to change anything, but that 0.055 can be the difference between the ball landing in a red or a black socket. In roulette, you need to take every advantage coming to you if you’re going to win.

For more information about what each bet means (terminology, the mechanics of betting and so on) you can visit our Bets page. Once you’re clued in, get out there and spin up some wins!