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    This new(ish) kid on the block with a star name provides solid roulette, reliable banking and impeccable player security. is a fairly young domain, but the Genting Brand carries a great deal of weight in the gambling world. The Genting Group is the largest casino operator in the UK, with 40 land-based casinos to their name, including famous establishments like Birmingham’s Star City and Crockfords in London. They certainly have the pedigree, but how do Genting fare online?

    The Casino

    Genting’s roulette games can be played either in-browser or via downloaded software.

    While many players prefer to play in-browser, we’d definitely recommend investing a minute or two in downloading Genting’s casino software. Believe us, you’ll be saving time in the long run; loading times in-browser are pretty slow.

    Aesthetically, Genting doesn’t really carry the touch of glamour you’d expect from such a famous brand. The design is by turns cluttered and bland, with lots of oppressive black and an abundance of games and ads overpopulating the screen. That being said, the interface is fine and the site never gets confusing: we’d just prefer something a bit cleaner.

    Genting’s bonuses are what really impress. You can get the full run-down by clicking the Promotions tab above, but suffice to say you could be looking at £1,000 in bonuses if you take full advantage of Genting’s generosity. We say go for it.

    The Games

    Genting have plenty of games to choose from, but unfortunately it’s a case of quantity over quality.

    The 12 roulette games on offer are visually underwhelming (surprising, given that they’re powered by Playtech software). On top of that, Genting don’t provide a mobile app as yet, so your roulette sessions will be confined to your desktop should you opt for this casino.

    Banking, Security and Support

    Genting boast a coveted Alderney license, so you can be assured of a safe and fair game.

    Alderney offer very few licenses, so Genting must have really distinguished themselves for the quality and security of their service. The casino doesn’t charge any fees for withdrawals, so you’ll never feel short-changed after collecting a win.

    You also don’t have to worry about a long wait for your winnings as Genting process most withdrawals after 24 hours. Should you have any trouble, you can contact the casino’s excellent customer support. Any legitimate complaints will be dealt with promptly.


    Genting Casino may not have the prettiest roulette games online, but their generous bonuses and exceptional player security more than make up for this shortcoming.

    You could certainly play better-looking roulette games at a more inviting website, but you’re unlikely to play with the same peace of mind you’ll enjoy with Genting. Water-tight security and reliable customer support add up to one of the most secure roulette services on the internet; a real must for serious players.

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    3 Reviews for “Genting Casino”

    1. Savvygambler

      I remember signing up to Genting Casino last year for a £5 no deposit bonus for new players. Both me and my girlfriend enjoy the occassional bet…we occassionally race each other to the free bonuses because some casinos put restrictions of one bonus per IP (tee hee).

      Most casinos will say this in terms and conditions, if you contact before singing up they can normally allow for a couple to both register and get the same bonus but this has to be cleared by the casino before registering.

      Genting handled this really very well so I made a deposit even though I didn’t win anything. I was able to claim a decent welcome bonus and flew through my wagering. Then I requested a withdrawal and live help so I could put out documents immediately. Cash then cleared within about 6 days.

      If you’re considering a deposit at Genting, I’m sure you’ll have a good time because,they offer loads of really great bonuses.

    2. Paul Sharon

      I went to one of the Genting resorts the other year – it was INCREDIBLE. Don’t normally play online but I remembered how sweet the live casinos were and just had to give this website a try. Cracking stuff.

  • Genting Casino Roulette Games

    Genting’s roulette games aren’t the highest-quality examples we’ve encountered, but there are plenty of them. As yet the casino doesn’t support mobile platforms.

    Live Roulette

    Live Roulette is Genting Casino’s most popular roulette variant. With a live dealer, a real roulette wheel and other players participating, you’ll never go back to solo play.

    Click here to play Live Roulette at Genting Casino »

    European Roulette

    One of the oldest roulette variants is now available to play online. European Roulette has better odds than its American cousin, so if you’re looking for a safe win then you should play here.

    Click here to play European Roulette at Genting Casino »

    Premium European Roulette

    Premium European Roulette is identical to European Roulette, except for the inclusion of a race track that allows you to make more tactical wagers.

    Click here to play Premium European Roulette at Genting Casino »

    French Roulette

    French Roulette has the same odds as European Roulette, however you can place special bets which focus more on the wheel than the table, encouraging you to identify and exploit patterns on the wheel.

    Click here to play French Roulette at Genting Casino »

    Premium French Roulette

    Premium French Roulette is identical to French Roulette but incorporates a race track which keeps a record of previous winning numbers, allowing you to play strategically.

    Click here to play Premium French Roulette at Genting Casino »

    American Roulette

    The original roulette game, also known as American Roulette, has an extra house slot available. This makes for less favourable odds but a far more exciting game and higher potential wins.

    Click here to play American Roulette at Genting Casino »

    Premium American Roulette

    The premium version of American Roulette is very similar to the original, but includes a race track allowing you to make bets based on the previous winning numbers.

    Click here to play Premium American Roulette at Genting Casino »

    Roulette Pro

    Roulette Pro does just what it says on the tin; it lets you play roulette like a pro. The variety of complicated bets means this game is reserved for more experienced roulette players.

    Click here to play Roulette Pro at Genting Casino »

    Premium Roulette Pro

    Premium Roulette Pro is the advanced version of Roulette Pro. In the premium version, you will have access to a race track which will record the previous winning numbers, allowing you to place more tactical wagers.

    Click here to play Premium Roulette Pro at Genting Casino »

    3D Roulette

    If you’re among the lucky few with a 3D monitor, then you can enjoy Genting Casino’s 3D Roulette! It’s the same as regular roulette, but in 3D…Makes sense.

    Click here to play 3D Roulette at Genting Casino »

    Mini Roulette

    If you would rather have fewer numbers on your roulette wheel, then you should give Mini Roulette a try. The improved odds and decreased risk make this an excellent game for beginners.

    Click here to play Mini Roulette at Genting Casino »

    Newar Roulette

    Newar Roulette is a new form of roulette which is recommended for experts only. It contains the maximum number of betting options, and contains several features that you won’t find in any other roulette game.

    Click here to play Newar Roulette at Genting Casino »

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  • Genting Casino Promotions

    Genting may not have a massive range of bonuses and promotions, but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. There are some mad bonuses for you to sink your teeth into here, so don’t miss out!

    First Deposit Bonus

    When you make your first deposit at Genting Casino, you’ll receive an amazing 100% extra on top of your deposit up to a possible £175!

    £100 Second Deposit Bonus

    Not many casinos have a second deposit bonus offer, so you’ll want to take advantage of Genting Casino’s killer deal. You’ll receive an extra 50% on top of your second deposit, up to £100. Nice.

    Comp Points

    Whenever you place a wager at Genting Casino, you’ll start earning comp points. These can be used to increase your account balance and play even more games. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, once the wager is placed, you’ll earn comp points, so save them up!

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  • Genting Casino Live Dealers

    You’ll only find the best dealers when playing live games at Genting Casino.

    All of Genting’s live dealers are experienced roulette, blackjack and baccarat croupiers who have earned their chops at Genting Casino’s land-based establishment.

    To view the full live dealer gallery, click one of the images below:

    Why Go Live at Genting Casino?

    The live casino services provided by Genting Casino are split into two sections; Live Dealer and Asia Live.

    In the Live Dealer section, you’ll find several variants of all your favourite casino games; including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker. There is also the option to play live French roulette and live unlimited blackjack.

    Asia Live is Genting Casino’s dedicated service for Asian players. This section includes three popular games: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat, all with an Asian twist.

    All the dealers in Asia Live will be Asian, and know just how to make Asian customers feel right at home when they arrive at the table.

    Visit Genting Casino & Sign Up »Click here to claim our exclusive £175 bonus and sign up at Genting Casino

  • Genting Casino Payment Methods

    If you want to deposit money at Genting Casino, check out their accepted payment methods below:

    Visit Genting Casino & Sign Up »Click here to claim our exclusive £175 bonus and sign up at Genting Casino