What Happens In Amsterdam Doesn’t Stay In Amsterdam, It Goes On Stu’s Roulette Blog

The Roulette.co.uk team spent last week in Amsterdam to attend the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. Needless to say, the conference was a spectacular success. Some of the biggest casino names showed up like William Hill or 888Casino, and there were also plenty of other affiliates, speakers and other business’ that had an interest in the casino industry.

There was also a lot of free stuff… Does anyone want a Spurs wallet?

Sex, Drugs And Self Control (or a lack thereof)

There was a pretty amazing party held on the 2nd day of the conference which was sponsored by Aliquantum Gaming. As you can imagine, it was pretty wild, but our favourite bit was the morning after.

People say the best things when they’re hung-over, so we decided to ask some people about their previous night and put together a list of the best quotes. For the sake of everyone’s dignity, we’ve decided to keep everyone anonymous.

“I got thrown out of the red light district. I’m not sure what happened after that…”

“We spent ages building up the courage to order weed at a coffee shop just to find out they didn’t actually serve it.”

“I must have hit on half the promo girls at the party.”

Paddy Power

“Please stop asking me questions I feel like shit.”

“I didn’t wake up in my hotel room.”

“Who cares about last night? I just want one of the MyBet guys. I can’t say no to a gentleman in lederhosen.”


“Don’t tell anyone, but I’m still drunk!”

“A bike knocked me over so I had to go and get another pint.”

“I don’t really remember last night; I definitely left my hotel though.”

“I’m fairly certain I danced with Mr Green.”

Mr Green

“I lost my shoe on the way to the party. I found it on the way back.”

“Someone gave me paracetamol but I don’t think it really was paracetamol. It tasted too minty.”

“We discovered most of Amsterdam by drunken accident.”

Wish You Were Here

If you didn’t manage to show your faces at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, then I’m going to have to insist that you make it next year. I spent last week with some of the strangest, wildest and friendliest people I’ve ever met in the industry and I’ll be making sure that I’ll be back there again next year (also because I didn’t have time to visit the sex museum, which is disappointing). Make sure to like our Facebook page, as we’ll have a lot of news coming your way!

Were you at the AAC? What was your favourite part of the conference? Do you have any more good quotes for us?

What Happens In Amsterdam Doesn’t Stay In Amsterdam, It Goes On Stu’s Roulette Blog by
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  1. Ronnie

    One I heard was “I slept on the ‘IAMSTERDAM’ sign for a few minutes, but people started taking pictures so I left.” hahaha