Vegas Gunman Fisted Into Submission by Heroic Male Strippers

Morning, roulette fans! A muppet in Las Vegas who attempted to lift a bunch of leotards and banana hammocks from a Las Vegas dressing room suffered a beat-down from six male dancers.

The speedo thief in question was packing a Dirty Harry revolver, with which he threatened the Thunder Down Under Cast from the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Unfortunately for the would-be-robber, these dancing bears had claws. Six male strippers eventually managed to wrestle the gunman to the ground.

A mug shot from the Las Vegas police show the unidentified crook looking a touch worse-for-wear, sporting a few fat bruises to remind him of his blunder. He was hospitalised after his ordeal.

“The suspect definitely got the worst of it,” said Las Vegas police officer Laura Meltzer.

Vegas Gunamn

No kidding.

Who Needs Bouncers?

The thief apparently snuck backstage at the Excalibur disguised as a dancer. Witnesses saw him wearing a bizarre ensemble including a SWAT team hat, fireman’s shirt and police-style boots.

When he pulled a gun on the Excalibur’s dancers, they bravely fought back, with one man jostling the weapon from the thief’s hands and allowing the rest of the cast to take him down.

It seems that the State of Nevada is very protective of its stripper gear. The perp could face decades in jail should he be convicted of all accused crimes.

If he goes down, I’m sure this won’t be the last time he ends up under a pile of naked blokes.

Vegas Gunman Fisted Into Submission by Heroic Male Strippers by
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