A Year of Boobs, Balls & Bunnies at 32Red!

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Wassup, roulette fans? I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the alchemists at 32Red came up with the ingenious idea of uniting two of my greatest passions: live roulette and scantily-dressed women in rabbit costumes.

That’s right; a whole 12 months have passed since Microgaming sat down for martinis with Hugh Hefner and thrashed out a plan for employing Playboy bunnies as croupiers at select online casinos. 32Red became the first website to embrace this innovation.

Playboy: Titillating Gamblers Since 1965

Playboy Roulette 1960s
The casino’s ‘Playboy Roulette’ game went on to become wildly successful, with thousands of players around the globe enjoying roulette sessions hosted by Hugh’s voluptuous vixens.

Of course, Playboy has always had its fingers in several pies, and has long since dangled a finger under the casino crust. The legendary Playboy Club started life in London and Jamaica, with the London club expanding to include a casino in 1965.

The UK Playboy casinos (which employed the iconic bunnies as waitresses, dealers and croupiers) proved wildly successful, quickly overtaking the revenue of Playboy Magazine. In fact, Playboy’s 45 Park Lane casino club was the most profitable casino in the world in 1981.

Hugh and co. briefly expanded into Las Vegas in 2006, although this venture sadly ended in 2012 with the Vegas Playboy Club forced to shutter its doors due to stiff competition from more established casinos. However, a similar casino club continues to operate in Macau.

Bring on the Bunnies!

So there you have it! Playboy’s expansion into online roulette is just another chapter in the long history of Playboy’s gambling activities.

We’ve had a cracking time over the past year with Playboy Roulette, here’s to many more! I’ve just got my silk robe back from the dry-cleaners, see you at the tables…

Happy birthday Playboy Roulette!Click here to meet the bunnies at 32Red »

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