How Does A Job In Gaming Capital Gibraltar Sound?

We tend to focus on gaming as a form of entertainment here on, instead of being an industry in its own right.

The gaming sector is big business: a 2010 Deloitte study revealed the UK betting industry alone to be worth £6 billion, employing over 100,000 people.

The plethora of bookies and betting shops help account for these numbers, but the actual hub of corporate operations is tiny British overseas territory Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, a peninsula located on the tip of southern Spain, overlooks Morocco and the maritime gateway to Europe. Gibraltar’s economic prosperity seems to defy the status quo across the rest of Europe – it posts an unemployment rate of 3% compared with the UK’s 7%, and an annual GDP growth of 6%.

Consequently, its population of 30,000 people enjoy a high standard of living, with comprehensive healthcare and subsidised public transport.

Despite its British sovereignty, Gibraltar enjoys several institutions of self-government, which have helped forge its reputation as a tax haven. The 10% corporation tax and soft regulatory climate has facilitated the growth of the gaming sector.

Several of our partners – William Hill, 888 and BetVictor to name but a few, have their headquarters based in Gibraltar. Typically, these companies operate large B2B, marketing, content, legal, customer service and fraud prevention departments. The sheer diversity of roles presents a wealth of opportunity for graduates struggling to find work and happy to relocate. There are a number of Gibraltar recruitment companies working to match graduates with the perfect role.

Here’s a vibrant infographic summarising the appeal of Gibraltar:

How Does A Job In Gaming Capital Gibraltar Sound? by
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