5 Looney Live Chats from Castle Casino

Crazy Live Chat
Spare a thought for live chat operators. These guys are the unsung heroes of the online casino industry, always on hand to assist players in need and showing unwavering patience in the face of absolute lunacy.

The customer support team at Castle Casino are a credit to their creed. No matter how difficult the customer, Castle’s live chat operators showcase unflinching professionalism at all times – as demonstrated by these five wacky chats with some particularly challenging gamblers.

If I’d encountered any of this lot online, I’d have buried my keyboard and set fire to my monitor. The Castle live chat team are obviously made of sterner stuff.

Scroll down for the five looniest live chats from Castle Casino…

5) The one-handed gambler.

One Handed Gambler

4) A man who knows what he wants.

Man Who Knows What He Wants

3) Jesus loves you…but he hates your satanic casino.

Jesus Loves You...

2) Poor spelling = ANGWRY!!111S00P3RPISS3D.

Poor Spelling ANGRY

1) The most epic, emotionally exhausting live chat EVER. It starts a typically enough…

Long Chat 1

…then things start to get a bit personal…

Long Chat 2

It just. Keeps. GOING!

Long Chat 3

It does end. Eventually…

Long Chat 4


Castle Casino support team, your tolerance and humanity are an example to us all. You guys are legends and we salute you!

Fancy meeting the live chat team at Castle for yourself? Head over to their website today! »

Note: Transcripts come courtesy of Castle Casino. All names came to us redacted; the casino’s management did not share the details of any players.

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