Joey Roulette

Joey Roulette

About Joey

Also known as Joseph Attard, I’m a roulette blogger with a difference.

My childhood was…complicated. My father was a notorious shark who, in my youth, put me ‘on red.’ He got black.

As a result, I was raised in the Las Vegas Western by surly croupiers. True story.

In my teenage years I made the long haul to Devon, where I obtained a degree in English and Film Studies from Exeter University.

I have since lost my Nevada accent, shaved my sideboards and have begun cultivating a reputation as an online roulette expert.

I currently live in London and serve as webmaster for Working alongside a crack team of writers and web designers, I share my roulette expertise with fellow roulette lovers via my blog.

Favourite Casino Game:
California Roulette
Hobbies (aside from roulette):
Writing, rock’nroll and taxidermy.
People who inspire me:
James Joyce, Charlie Wells, Lennon/McCartney and Dylan Moran.
Favoured roulette system:
Six Angry Red Bell-Hops – my own system. Based on an algorithm so complex it blue-screened Deep Blue.
Personal philosophy:
All you need is love, a laptop and one decent idea. But mostly love.
Thoughts on live dealer roulette:
It’s great! I always prefer to look them in the eyes when I take their money.
Interesting fact:
I can only count to 37. Except in the U.S., where I can count to 38.